Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention

Watch Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention perform live on stage in the early sixties. This kind of music was not very popular at the time nor is it in our days. However, this type of music is much more interesting than most of the modern ‘songs’. The musician sure have fun and the resulting music is an surprising mix of accoustic events.
It could be regarded as Free Jazz too, but especially with this sort of ‘songs’ the name doesn’t really matter. The words are only aproximations to the real things. Nevertheless, one can talk about the music, and talking about Frank Zappa’s music certainly is talking about freedom: freedom of speech and freedom of musical composition.
If you want to learn more about music, then the music of Frank Zappa sure is a good starting point since he has a very extense discography and his compositions range from country style songs and contemporary chamber music to punk rock and rap. All with his very personal style.
Observe the integration of almost any kind of artifact as a musical instrument, e.g. the small plastic bottle that produces sounds held in front of the microphone in the minutes of the music video shown here.


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