Music is more than words!

Many people need to listen to the lyrics when they listen to music. Instrumental music is not their thing. That is ok but it really misses the whole point of music: a medium to communicate without words. When lyrics are involved, then these lyrics take over in the listener’s mind. Most people like a particular song just because of the words …
But music has always been more and we dare to assure that the origin of music were not the words but some kind of sound, maybe rhythmically repeated. In this case percussions or drums might have been the first musical instruments. Or maybe the wind was blowing over an ’empty’ bone of some hunted and eaten animal, producing a whistling tone. Playing around with this bone, a possible predecessor of the flute, man(kind) found out that sounds can be produced by blowing into a tube of some kind. Or maybe the string of the arrow produced sound that seemed interesting as a sound to the hunters, who knows if percussions, wind instruments or strings have been the first musical instruments?
This blog will have a section about musical instruments of the world. Whenever possible, these musical instruments will be presented to the public through video clips where the instruments are played and/or commented.

Another section will treat musicians doing what they do best: playing their instruments, both as solo performers and in the context of their band of orchestra. The musicians and bands will be presented depending on the genre or style of music they perform. One of the reasons we like blogs are the tags, they will allow the readers of our blog to navigate through our world of music by musician’s name, genre / style, period, geographical region, size of orchestra, instruments played, place of performance and many more that we hope will be helpfull for our readers.

The artists and musicians interview video clips will be another category of the Music and Video Guide. Understand your favourite musicias better and get insight into their way of thinking about the music and other issues. After all, musicians are citizens too.


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