Joshua Redman – The Deserving Few

Ok, the original title of the song is ‘The Deserving Many’, however, it was changed here to ‘The Deserving Few’ because there aren’t many jazz musicians who can play their instrument(s) in such a cool way. Joshua Redman is another great tenor saxophone player, clearly influenced by John Coltrane – as so many younger tenor saxophone players. Same thing happens with Charlie Parker and his alto saxophone playing. There is no serious jazz alto sax player that doesn’t try to play classical songs composed or performed by Charlie Parker, or at least they try to play a few melody segments or riffs of this jazz legend. In this video Joshua Redman is playing along with Pat Metheny, Christian McBride and Brian Blade, all of them are great jazz musicians.
Watch Joshua Redman on the end of his solo around minute 5:30, he has to play with only one hand while he uses the other hand trying to get the mic working!
The video clip also includes a short solo of the drummer and as always Pat Metheny is playing a great jazz guitar. Him and Joshua Redman are absolute musts for any serious jazz music fan.



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  2. Really sweet video – great metheny solo as well!

    Dig your blog.

  3. Joshua Redman is the best right after his spiritual father John Coltrane. Keep blogging about these fabulous jazz musicians!

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