John Coltrane – Soloing on ‘Freddie the Freeloader’

watch Miles Davis standing in the background smoking a cigarette while John Coltrane, the great master of bebop saxophone playing, is soloing over the choruses of the jazz standard tune ‘Freddie the Freeloader’. Listen to the energy … velocity, precision, feeling, energy, it’s all there. If you wish to watch more videos of the famous tenor saxophone player John Coltrane and listen to more of his fantastic solos over jazz classics and own compositions you might like to visit the page where you can find not only more music with participating John Coltrane and Miles Davis but also video clips of other famous instrumental and vocal performers. If you want to vote for John Coltrane as the best tenor saxophone player of all times you can participate in our poll. We soon will feature a poll about alto saxophone players too in order to find out who deserves the title of best alto saxophone player of all times in the opinion of our readers.
In the meanwhile we encourage you to listen to as many music you can, watch as many music related videos as you can and read as many texts about music as you can. In this order!
Regarding this video clip of John Coltrane we want to clarify that we are aware of the sound quality, but this is music from before the era of digital music and sound or picture quality. If you can’t listen to the music because the presentation is not corresponding to your standards, we are sorry for you. There are therapies for people with mental problems out there …


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