Carlos Santana – ‘Oye como va’

The mexican-american guitar player Carlos Santana has been around for quiet some time now and has had a number of hits in the charts. We like the ‘Oye como va’ song from Abraxas, one of his first albums. In this video you can see Carlos Santan performing the song live on stage. Check the beginning guitar phrases, much more rhythmic than what is recorded on the original record. Carlos Santana is one of the most important characters when it comes to Latin Rock. He sure was among the first people who exlored the combination of rock music and electric guitar together with latin rhythyms. It should be said that the song ‘Oye como va’ is not an original Carlos Santana composition, he made the arrangement but the song was originally composed by the great timbale player Tito Puente. However, Santana made it world famous.


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