North Indian Classical Violin Music

This is the raga ‘Shree’ played by the artist Indrayudh Bose back in 2003 on an event organised by NAVARATNA in memory of MILY BOSE, an exponent of indian classical violin and guru of Indrayudh Bose. It sounds very different from the violins we know from western classical and folk music. First thing that jumps up is that the indian violin is played in a sitting position and not standing as the westeners traditionally play.
Musically speaking, the differences aren’t less impressive. While western violin music is frequently accompanied by a classical orchestra or any other rhythmic and harmonic support while in the classical indian music this instrument can stand as a solo instrument and melodies include very long lasting kind of base tones. Also around minute 1:00 the violin player seems to moisten his hand for better gliding. Guess what he’s doing!


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