Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – ‘Der Hölle Rache’ – The Magic Flute

This quintet tries to play western music, a total failure though

This quintet tries to play western music, a total failure though


In 1791 Mozart composed The Zauberflöte (Magic Flute), an opera in two acts which includes a chapter called Königin er Nacht (Queen of Night), and this video showed a song called “Der Hölle Rache” (Hell’s Vengance) which was played in this video by the Cassiano Brass Quintet with NH Lee playing piccolo trumpet. The performance was a regular one with some mediocre spots which we had published here for illustration of bad mediocre playing of one of the great masters of classical composition. If you wish you can go to youtube and watch this video since the publisher there has solicited a no insertion permit after finding out we had recommended this video clip on our guide. To us it seems that the correct thing would have been mailing us with asking for removal (and maybe asing youtube for no insertion too). If you like it, you can download it from there using Real Player or other downloading software. If you wish you might also contuct us for other links to download locations of this video.
Anyway, we soon will provide our readers with some Mozart Quintet and will look now for something that’s worth listening too.


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