Heitor Villa-Lobos – Prelude No. 5

Heitor Villa-Lobos is one of the greatest brazilian composers. He has written music for solo instruments like the guitar as well as pieces for the symphony orchestra. Watch this video of the famous classical guitar player John Williams playing the Prelude No. 5 in a superb manner. The masterful performer plays the first section of the Prelude No. 5 as a waltz and cools down in the second movement. Many of the people who have watched this video state that John Williams is playing too fast, while others say that he is playing it at the right pace. There are recordings with both versions out on the market and we definitely like this faster first part version better. But as you know, taste is a very subjective thing so if you don’t like this version very well, then you can look for an interpretation by the great guitar player Julian Bream who usually plays the first part with a slow speed and the second part veeery slowly. Make your choice, any version you prefer is ok, there is no ‘right tempo’ (as long as the composer doesn’t indicate a metronome number of beats per minute, which with this piece of music doesn’t seem to be the case).


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