Paco de Lucia – Entre dos aguas – Flamenco Rumba

Paco de Lucia is playing Entre dos aguas in this video recording. He is one of the most important flamenco guitar players of the world, maybe you even think he’s the best. Spanish folk music became much more popular when Paco de Lucia began to perform with John McLaughlin and Al diMeola. However, when Otmar Liebert appeared on the music scene, he made flamenco really well know. Of course, to gain such success a little commercial adaptation of the original flamenco style was necessary.
Paco de Lucia said in an interview that he is angry about guys like Otmar Liebert gaining so much popularity and having big success because in Spain there is a better flamenco guitar player under each stone you pick up. However, the bosses of the music business preferred to present a player from outside Spain and to make him a super star. That is a shame, we agree with Paco de Lucia who really knows how to play the music of his people, who has been listening to the different flamenco styles since he was a kid and who has assimilated the whole flamenco tradition, expressing his musical wisdom in every performance he presents to people from all over the world. It’s sad that the original ideas are commercialized in distorted ways, just to make sure they will be an commercial success, musical issues are widely underestimated or even ignored.


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  1. Paco is one of the artist that inspired me to become a flamenco dancer

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