Albert Hammond playing It Never Rains in Southern California

This is a video clip with Albert Hammond performing It Never Rains in Southern California, his only hit. It is pop music from the early seventies and shouldn’t even be called music. Very easy going, just to turn off your brain and enter the brainless masses who think such a thing can be called music. Compare it to the rest of the songs and pieces published here on the Music Video Guide and you will see that the pop category is the less interesting one in terms of music. It might get the most readers though, since this type of performance is what the music industry is interested in: a very easy harmonic base with only 3 or 4 basic chords, no tonal colours like major sevenths or other notes that make a chord more colourfull, no complicated lyrics, a well dressed guy. That ensures saleability in every part of the world since it sounds the same all over the globe. Listen to some chinese pop music, for example, and it will sound the same as any pop song produced in England or South Africa. We include this kind of song only to illustrate our point that music is more than words. If you use words in music, please do it with intelligence like Frank Zappa or use them to expose the beauty of the human voice, like Ella Fitzgerald singing with Joe Pass.
This particular song was rerecorded by a country-pop band called Trent Summar and the New Row Mob who republished it on an album called “Live at 12th and Porter.”


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