Blues with B.B.King, Albert Collins, Buddy Guy, Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton on Sweet Little Angel

This video show an all stars line-up with B. B. King, Albert Collins, Buddy Guy, Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton performing Sweet Little Angel together live on stage. The blues originally had been music played and sung by black people in the United States and is the base for the later development into R&B or Rhythm and Blues as well as Rock and Roll and subsequent other subgenres of rock music.
Fortunately, white rock idols remembered where they were coming from and called some of the original blues legends to perform with them. This way legendary performers like B.B. King, Albert Collins, Buddy Guy and others were brought back to the audience and will be remembered for a long time.
Some of these original blues players had been forgotten and were living working in jobs that had nothing to do with music, so it was a great idea to have them back on stage. There might have been a good part of marketing in this idea as well though …
However, these five great blues guitar players perform the Sweet Little Angel song and each one has his solo part, sustained by the rest of the group and the result is a nice performance where you can appreciate the abilities and style of each of the performers. I wish there was more blues like this one being played in the radio and tv stations.


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