Bolibana Hip Hop Song by NeedOne from African Country Mali

This music video clip shows music from Africa. It is not the original african polyrhythmic sound, instead it shows some african rap music. Very interesting example of how music forms part of the culture and how globalization and modern communication in general contribute to create a ‘global identity’ with products acceptable all around the world.
Mali is known for its rhythmic variety that combines several different beats over the same time, so to say. Let’s say they traditionally combine a waltz in 3/4 with a swing in 4/4 which is played slightly faster so that the first count of each bar has the first beat of the waltz and of the swing at the same moment while for the rest of the bar both rhythms have no coincidence.
Now listen to the music from this video clip and see that the 4/4 hip hop beat has taken over. If it wouldn’t be for the instruments and melodies in the background, you could say that this music is from New York or any other north american city.
However, this song still speaks about social issues, Bolibana is a slum in Bamako, the capital of Mali, a West African country. The artist NeedOne grew up there and the video shows pictures of it. We don’t understand the lyrics themselves, but we’re sure the words talk about several issues related to the life in the slums all over the world where people pay the toll for others to live in nice neighbourhoods with fancy cars and other privilleges.
Fot those of you who want to learn more about hip hop and rap music, we recommend to visit this page with more videos of hip hop and rap artists as well as domcumentary videos about this new communication channel.


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