2009 The Music Video Guide in the New Year

We are writing the year 2009 now. It’s a good moment to reflect and take measures to adapt the contents and efforts of the team of the Music Video Guide to the new knowledge of the video guide publishing situation.
To be less cryptic: we will look more into new music and video content sites and blogs, apart from youtube which has been our main focus of interest and representations in the first few months of our blog, but has evidenced some system failures that affect the external descriptions of youtube. The Music Video Guide wants to help people to navigate through the huge amount of video clips published daily in the internet. Youtube however doesn’t provide stable urls of the their video content and begins to show signs of irrational inconsistency: while offering by default an embed link for all published videos, which can only mean that the video was published with the desire to show it to as many people as possible, allowing others to include the youtube-content on their own websites. However, in this short period of existence, the Music Video Guide has experienced several losses of time and labour invested in video reviews due to sudden ‘unavailability’ of the originally flawless integrated video clip from the youtube site into the Music Video Guide. We will even open up a new category named ‘useless video clips’.
On the other hand, the Music Video Guide will dig into audio documents and look for material to publish and comment on.


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