The Music Video Guide

The Music Video Guide wants to help people to discover the world of music through video clips and comments about them. Most of them were originally published at youtube and unfortunately there is being published a lot of crap on youtube and the internet, together with the most valuable documents. This is the reason for our emerging Music Video Guide where we will filter out the worst and hope to help you putting the good stuff at your disposition.
If you learn about an artists or a band that are new to you, we encourage you to go to the youtube website or to google and type the artist’s/band’s name into the search box. Most of the musicians, bands and orchestras presented in the Music Video Guide have several videos on the internet.
Our idea is to put as many types of music and related content into the Guide. Variety will be our most important criterion in the beginning, then we will add some second videos of the same song, musician, band. So you might also want to explore our tag cloud and categories if you are looking for related videos.

The Music Video Guide doesn’t have anything against any kind of music, but we do like music more than words, as you can read on our first post which is kind of an introduction to the expectable content of the Music Video Guide.

For those of you who like reading about music and musicians we will present some blogs that deal with issues related to music and musicians. At present time, on the sidebar we are featuring a sociological approach to the world of music and entertainment through the exposition and analysis of images related in some way to music, concerts, songs or musicians.

Another concern of the Music Video Guide is the feedback we get from our readers through comments and voting in our polls. At this moment, we are asking people through our poll about our readers opinion regarding the best tenor saxophone player ever, readers can choose among some of the great tenor sax legends or can type in the name of their preferred saxophone artist.

Unfortunately, in our times music cannot be conceived as not related to the music industry and the entertainment business in general. Of course we are aware of the numberless musicians who play music for themselves or their inmediate community members, but these people will never be heard of as long as they aren’t represented in some of the sales channels of the music industry. And once a musician is talked about and his work is massively divulgated, it happens after a sign-up on an important label which owns the rights over the musician’s creations. Copyright appeared and has become a topic of great concern among surfers who download and exchange music and other ‘intellectual property’, mostly in illegal or grey zone contexts. Since this Music Video Guide heavily relies on videos published on the net, we have made first experiences with the inconsistencies or lack of clearness of the legal situation, have posted about it and will continue to post about copyright issues in the corresponding category.


  1. I like your approach to music. In fact, music is not in the words unless poetry is spoken, and then the essence is not in the meaning of the words but in their rhythm and melody.

  2. You know I read this and I’m thinking … where do I fit in? My work is at Youtube, I’m a songwriter, I’m barely a performer and less a film maker…. My work is completely raw.
    I don’t have a team of paid pro’s. Is there still room for the here it is.. one guy, one guitar, he wrote the song and he’s filming himself….. I am that guy.

  3. hiho,, good work here! added to my blogroll

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