Sarah Vaughan Performs the Bebop Classic Perdido

This video clip shows Sarah Vaughn or Sassy, as she was called by frriends and fans, performing Perdido which has become a jazz standard to play for jazz musicians. The video is a scene taken from Rhythm and Blues Revenue, a movie made in 1955 which you can download without copyright infringement.
Sarah Vaughan was a very important singer in the jazz scene and has influenced the female jazz singer Anita Baker and many others. After she appeared at age 18 on an amateur contest at the Apollo Theater in New York and won first prize with her performance of Body and soul, another jazz standard, some jazz critics considered her as the most important singer of the bebop era.
In her beginning days as a jazz singer she formed part of Billy Eckstine’s big band where other jazz giants like Charlie Parker or Dizzy Gillespie played in the brass section. Short time after singing in the big bands, Sarah Vaughan decided to form her own band and had almost inmediate success when in 1947 she became number one of the charts with ther performance of the song Tenderly. From thereon Sarah Vaughan also included some pop songs in her singing enlarging her audience and gaining more popularity. However, at the end of the 60s, Sarah Vaughan dropped the pop singing and returned to pure jazz music singing with jazz legends as Louie Bellson, Don Cherry, J.J Johnson, Oscar Peterson and Herbie Hancock, to mention just a few.
Among the best known songs associated with Sarah Vaughan are the tastefull ballad Misty and several songs by Duke Ellington and George Gershwin. She did not loose her singing talent until her sixties when she was still performing for large audiences until her passing away in 1990 at the age of sixty-six.


Charles Mingus Hazel Scott ‘A Foggy Day’

Watch this video clip with early Charlie Mingus playing the accoustic bass in the trio of femal singer, piano player and band leader Hazel Scott. In this cover version of the jazz standard ‘A Foggy Day’ Charles Mingus plays a straight forward walking bass. These were the beginning days of the great bass player who soon formed his own group and entered the field of free jazz. Charles Mingus has formed a lot of goups ranging from trios and quartets to big band orchestras. This video here is more of a documental but you still can enjoy the music. This seems to be recorded at a tv studio set.

Ella Fitzgerald and Joe Pass – ‘Stormy Weather’

Watch this video of two jazz giants treating the classical blues theme ‘Stormy Weather’. As always, Joe Pass plays his guitar in a superb manner and building an excellent base for the divine voice of Ella Fitzgerald. This video was recorded around 1975 in a german television studio.

Nina Hagen – ‘Mir ist heiss’

Nina Hagen is one of the first female soprano rock singers and counts with an excellent musical background in the classical music environment. She states to have been formed at east german conservatory in the Kurt Weill tradition. If you like to watch more videos of Nina Hagen performing and being interviewed in an american tv show you can find these videos of the singer, composer and performer Nina Hageb on this site.