Choir of the Opera Nabucco by Giuseppe Verdi Performed by the National Opera of Paris

Watch this video of the famous choir music composition “Va pensiero sull ‘ali dorate” from the opera Nabucco composed by italian composer Giuseppe Verdi. This recording is from 1979 and features the Choir of the National Theatre from the Opera of Paris conducted by Nello Santi.
Giuseppe Verdi is the best know italian composer of opera music, however, music was not his only talent, he also was a politician and became an elected senator in the italian parliament after the triumph of the revolution against Austria.
The opera Nabucco was performed for the first time in 1842 and made Giuseppe Verdi famous all over Europe for the beauty of its music, while in Italy the opera became famous too because of the political message it contains: the singing of the oppressed people who desire freedom, represented here by the choir of the jews. For this reason the choir you can listen to in this video clip has become the anthem of the oppressed people from all over the world.
In the opera Nabucco one can observe Verdi’s pertinence to the epoche of romanticism. The opera also features beautifull arias and more choir passages that are worth listening to.
This composition has also been used in many movie pictures.

The Berliner Philharmoniker Performing the Polovtsian Dances of the opera Prince Igor by Alexander Borodin

In this video the Berliner Philharmoniker under japanese conductor Seiji Ozawa perform the Polovtsian Dances from the opera Prince Igor by russian composer Alexander Borodin (1833 – 1887).
It should be said the Alexander Borodin was not a full time composer, instead he had different occupations, among them he had a degree as a medical doctor and was a remarkable chemist, so he did composing in his spare time. He regarded himself as a ‘sunday composer’.
This video clip is an example for excellent camera work since the camera always focusses on the musician or orchestra section that is playing the prominent part of the piece at a given moment. I wish all concert music video presentations were prepared and carried out with such a dedication. Unfortunately there are so many examples of orchestras being televised where the camera focusses on the bass section while the motif or most prominent part is played by the trumpets, to give an example.
When Alexander Borodin suddenly died in the midst of a ball, the opera Prince Igor was left unconcluded and was later finished by two other russian composers: Glazunov and Rimsky-Korsakov. Alexander Borodin’s music has beautifull melodies and is clearly russian. Another important composition of Alexander Borodin is In the Steppes (Prairies) of Central Asia which also denotes a strong lyricism.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – ‘Der Hölle Rache’ – The Magic Flute

This quintet tries to play western music, a total failure though

This quintet tries to play western music, a total failure though


In 1791 Mozart composed The Zauberflöte (Magic Flute), an opera in two acts which includes a chapter called Königin er Nacht (Queen of Night), and this video showed a song called “Der Hölle Rache” (Hell’s Vengance) which was played in this video by the Cassiano Brass Quintet with NH Lee playing piccolo trumpet. The performance was a regular one with some mediocre spots which we had published here for illustration of bad mediocre playing of one of the great masters of classical composition. If you wish you can go to youtube and watch this video since the publisher there has solicited a no insertion permit after finding out we had recommended this video clip on our guide. To us it seems that the correct thing would have been mailing us with asking for removal (and maybe asing youtube for no insertion too). If you like it, you can download it from there using Real Player or other downloading software. If you wish you might also contuct us for other links to download locations of this video.
Anyway, we soon will provide our readers with some Mozart Quintet and will look now for something that’s worth listening too.

Maria Callas – Angelical Soprano Voice

Marias Callas, the famous greek female opera singer appears in this video clip singing a part of the second Act of the opera Tosca by italian composer Giacomo Puccini.
As so many other video documents, this video’s sound quality is not excellent but fair enough to transmit the music with the state of the art technology of the moment. It is amazing to watch and hear classical performances and rare songs, technical flaws should be no reason to ignore these recordings, after all, aesthetisicm is an exageration.