Philly Joe Jones Performing a Drum Solo

In this video you can see and listen to a drum solo performed by one of the early jazz drummers named Philly Joe Jones. The occasion this solo was played was on a concert of the Miles Davis Group. Philly Joe Jones has also played with the Sun Ra Orchestra.

Brahms’ Capriccio performed by Arthur Rubinstein the Great Master of Classical Piano

This video shows the great piano artist Arthur Rubinstein performing a classical composition by german composer Johannes Brahms, the Capriccio No. 2. Arthur Rubinstein is well known as an excellent piano player and discovers the inner structure of this capriccio for our ears. He plays the Capriccio No. 2 out of memory and was 86 years old when performing it for the recording this video. A few years later, Rubinstein got blind and couldn’t read music any more. However, he had already memorized a huge amount of compositions for piano solo and for different concert music orchestras.
Johannes Brahm is along with Luwig van Beethoven and Johan Sebastian Bach one of the most important german composers. These three composers are frequently recalled as the ‘3 Bs’ and each one of them has enriched the body of the classical music repertoire with many valuable pieces and compositions. This composition of Brahms, the Capriccio No. 2 is performed here by a great artist who plays it in his very personal and masterish style. We recommend our readers to look out for more music of this composer who on one side is a very classical composer but on the other side has also integrated some adventurous passages into his work that clearly show his interest in trascending the established limits of harmony and find new contextualizations for his melodies.

Albert King – Born under a bad sign – Blues with much soul

Watch this video with black blues guitar player Albert King performing his song Born Under a Bad Sign. The arrangement includes a brass section wiith trumpets, trombones and saxophones. The clip has fair audio quality and presents one of the most important blues players with his band live on stage.
Albert King plays with a personal way of putting the strings of the guitar: he’s got the high e-string on the top (upside down) so he can play very cool bends. Listen to the blues guitar solos of Albert King whenever you can, he plays the traditional blues with a lot of soul, getting funky …
Blues musicians dont compare each other, they play the blues because they love it and they have something to say. They don’t want to be better than the other ones! Actually, this applies to almost all musicians. However, there are a few out there who pretend to be better than the rest, well being better than the rest of the guitar players for example still is a personal and therefor subjective point of view. Instead, musicians know that if they have something to say, they will be heard by their fellow musicians.

Paco de Lucia – Entre dos aguas – Flamenco Rumba

Paco de Lucia is playing Entre dos aguas in this video recording. He is one of the most important flamenco guitar players of the world, maybe you even think he’s the best. Spanish folk music became much more popular when Paco de Lucia began to perform with John McLaughlin and Al diMeola. However, when Otmar Liebert appeared on the music scene, he made flamenco really well know. Of course, to gain such success a little commercial adaptation of the original flamenco style was necessary.
Paco de Lucia said in an interview that he is angry about guys like Otmar Liebert gaining so much popularity and having big success because in Spain there is a better flamenco guitar player under each stone you pick up. However, the bosses of the music business preferred to present a player from outside Spain and to make him a super star. That is a shame, we agree with Paco de Lucia who really knows how to play the music of his people, who has been listening to the different flamenco styles since he was a kid and who has assimilated the whole flamenco tradition, expressing his musical wisdom in every performance he presents to people from all over the world. It’s sad that the original ideas are commercialized in distorted ways, just to make sure they will be an commercial success, musical issues are widely underestimated or even ignored.

Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention

Watch Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention perform live on stage in the early sixties. This kind of music was not very popular at the time nor is it in our days. However, this type of music is much more interesting than most of the modern ‘songs’. The musician sure have fun and the resulting music is an surprising mix of accoustic events.
It could be regarded as Free Jazz too, but especially with this sort of ‘songs’ the name doesn’t really matter. The words are only aproximations to the real things. Nevertheless, one can talk about the music, and talking about Frank Zappa’s music certainly is talking about freedom: freedom of speech and freedom of musical composition.
If you want to learn more about music, then the music of Frank Zappa sure is a good starting point since he has a very extense discography and his compositions range from country style songs and contemporary chamber music to punk rock and rap. All with his very personal style.
Observe the integration of almost any kind of artifact as a musical instrument, e.g. the small plastic bottle that produces sounds held in front of the microphone in the minutes of the music video shown here.