Rubinstein Performing Impromptu by Schubert

Watch this video with piano player Arthur Rubinstein performing the Impromptu Op. 90 No. 4 by german composer Franz Schubert. Even though Arthur Rubinstein was already 90 years old when he recorded this version of the Impromptu by Schubert, he still plays very well, I would say he finally plays it the best way he could, after such a long life of playing music, taste must have strongly evolved.

Andrés Segovia performing Fernando Sor’s Op. 9

Watch this video of Andrés Segovia, the spanish top class guitar player, Opus 9 of Fernando Sor. This piece is quite difficult to play but of course this guitar master plays it with ease and putting a lot of feeling into it. His interpretation is perfect, even though the video is from the days when black and white was still very popular. There might be some snobs pretending that they cannot enjoy Fernando Sor’s music because of the poor image quality. There is so much nonsense said.
I’m sure most of you can watch this video without problems and listen to the excellent performance of Andrés Segovia who was born on February 21st of 1893 in Linares which is a small village of the province of Jaén, Spain. The first guitar music Segovia listened to was the flamenco guitar. At the age of 16, he made his first performance at the Centro Artístico de Granada after having teached himself a repertoire he found representative for the essence of classical guitar music:
Tárrega’s Capricho Arabe, preludes and arpegio exercises, Fernando Sor’s Study in B minor Op. 35 N° 22, and some transcriptions of music by Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Bach, Chopin and Schumann.
Andrés Segovia was always interested in the enrichment of his repertoire. He contacted a few composers and asked them for material to play, among them Manuel de Falla who responded with his only piece for the classical guitar known as “Homenaje pour le Tombeau de Debussy”.

Thelonious Monk – ‘Straight, no Chaser’

John Coltrane – All Times Tenor Saxophone Master