Avishai Cohen Trio Performing Emotional Storm Live on Stage

In this video you can see and listen to the Avishai Cohen Trio featuring Avishai Cohen on the accoustic bass, Mark Giuliana on drums and Shai Maestro on the piano. Avishai Cohen is a recognized jazz bass player who has performed with such great jazz legends as Chick Corea and many others. In this video the band plays a mainly quiet piece which nevertheless is full of energy. Notice the perfect synchronization between the musicians. It is always rewarding to see how the musicians communicate on their field of expertise and what beautiful results they can achieve. Words won’t be enough to fully describe the beauty of the music, or maybe they would do just that: describe the music, but never sound like the music itself. Once again we find out that music is a communication channel of its own, independent from the spoken languages.

Rostropovich playing the Prelude of Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1

Mstislav Rostropovich is one of the great cello players of all times. His interpretations are well received among the classical music lovers, even though some of the people who like to listen to classical compositions like the Cello Suites composed by Johan Sebastian Bach prefer other performers, e.g., Yo Yo Ma or Pablo Cazals. We think that it is a matter of taste.
Watch this video with Mstislav Rostropovich performing the Prelude of the Cello Suite No. 1 and compare it to Yo Yo Ma’s performance. While Rostropovich plays the prelude in about 2 minutes while Yo Yo Ma slows it down about 25% resulting in a 2 minutes and a half performance. Personally, I prefer the faster version of the prelude.
Play this video clip and listen to the Cello Suite No. 1 in G major, which is included in the catalogue of Johan Sebastian Bach’s compositions under the number BWV 1007. The present footage was filmed at the Basilique Sainte Madeleine, Vézelay, Yvonne, France in 1991.
Since Johan Sebastian Bach did not include any indications about the performing details, it is supposed that this prelude should not be played with a slowing down effect on certain parts, which is one of the stylistic elements Yo Yo Ma uses almost anywhere. Since Bach didn’t annotate anything like this in his composition sheets, it should be played straight forward as Mstislav Rostropovich is doing it. He catches and expresses more of the original spirit of this composition.

National Treasure Frank Zappa performing live on stage

Frank Zappa and his band are performing the song City of Tiny Lights on this video. All the members of the band show their instrumental skills and offer an exceptional performance of musicianship. As always, Frank Zappa plays the guitar in his very personal style, soloing and throwing in some short notes from time to time.
If you would like to listen to more of Frank Zappa’s music we invite you to visit the fiesta-musical.com website where you can find more videos of Frank Zappa performing and interviewed. This site also offers videos of other performers like jazz musicians, rock bands, classical music performers both lieve on stage and in interviews as well as in documentary videos. Get a good insight into the entertainment business.