John McLaughlin Performing with Indian Group Shakti

Watch this video with the great guitar player John McLaughlin performing live on stage with Shakti, a group of indian musicians. This music belongs to the fusion genre and is a wonderfull combination of western and eastern music.
As many musicians from the western world, John McLaughlin has been interested in eastern culture for some time and has released several albums that clearly show the influence of indian music in his playing. One of the most remarkable albums in this sense is the LP with Carlos Santana and Michael Walden.
Notice that the two female music instrument players are sitting in the background which has mostly to do with the indian way of thinking and living.

Javier Nandayapa Trio Performing Jugando en la lluvia and Autismo

Check this video clip of the Javier Nandayapa Trio performing the songs Jugando en la lluvia (Playing in the rain) and Autismo (Autism). Javier Nandayapa is playing the marimba and is also the bandleader while the compositions or arrangements are by Jesús Martínez who is playing the piano.
Javier Nandayapa was born in the state of Chiapas in Southern Mexico as a son of a traditional marimba playing family. The marimba is the most popular instrument in this mexican state and every village has its own marimba orchestra, sometimes several marimba orchestras. The groups are playing on different marimbas or they are using one giant marimba which they play all together.
In this concert, the Javier Nandayapa Trio performs compositions that clearly show the influence of the traditional southern mexican folk music as well as jazz and serial music influences. Javier Nandayapa performs solo concerts as well as he is playing in different groups. One of these groups is Marimba Nandayapa which is a group with some family members dedicated mostly to traditional mexican music but also counting with tunes from other areas like The Fly of the Bumblebee or the Huapango by the famous mexican composer Moncayo.
If you like to listen to some more video clips with traditional and modern marimba music feel free to visit the page at .

Latin Music Lesson by Rebeca Mauleon Teaching the Clave Concept

Rebeca Mauleon is dedicated to music and teaching it, giving private lessons as well as clinics and master classes. She specially likes afro-carribbean music and has been teaching about it in many universities and colleges around the world. She is a writer too and her “critically acclaimed books on Latin music have been adopted into the programs of such prestigious institutions as the Berklee College of Music in Boston and Stanford University”.
In this video, Rebeca talks about and demonstrates the clave concept which is present in all latin music styles. It is played originally by the instrument with the same name, clave, which consists of two wood sticks, one hitting the other, in a very basic pattern. This pattern counts with two bars, having two beats in one bar and three beats in the second bar (or the other way around). Notice that the time is 4/4, not 5/4!

Bolibana Hip Hop Song by NeedOne from African Country Mali

This music video clip shows music from Africa. It is not the original african polyrhythmic sound, instead it shows some african rap music. Very interesting example of how music forms part of the culture and how globalization and modern communication in general contribute to create a ‘global identity’ with products acceptable all around the world.
Mali is known for its rhythmic variety that combines several different beats over the same time, so to say. Let’s say they traditionally combine a waltz in 3/4 with a swing in 4/4 which is played slightly faster so that the first count of each bar has the first beat of the waltz and of the swing at the same moment while for the rest of the bar both rhythms have no coincidence.
Now listen to the music from this video clip and see that the 4/4 hip hop beat has taken over. If it wouldn’t be for the instruments and melodies in the background, you could say that this music is from New York or any other north american city.
However, this song still speaks about social issues, Bolibana is a slum in Bamako, the capital of Mali, a West African country. The artist NeedOne grew up there and the video shows pictures of it. We don’t understand the lyrics themselves, but we’re sure the words talk about several issues related to the life in the slums all over the world where people pay the toll for others to live in nice neighbourhoods with fancy cars and other privilleges.
Fot those of you who want to learn more about hip hop and rap music, we recommend to visit this page with more videos of hip hop and rap artists as well as domcumentary videos about this new communication channel.

Sarangi – A Musical Instrument with Strings from Nepal and India

Watch this video with several musicians playing an ancient nepalese instrument, the sarangi. It is similar to the western violin in the sense of being a string instrument which is played with a bow. However, the standard tuning of the strings is quite different so that the pentatonic and other oriental scales can be played with relative ease.
In Nepal it is played frequently as a solo instrument and the melodies and sound produced by the instrument are very relaxing. Nevertheless, people from Nepal and from around the world say it is pretty difficult to learn to play the sarangi.
The music itself sounds much like music from India and Pakistan. Nepal is an idependent state and does not belong to China, however it has a border with India so it’s only natural that the music of Northern India and Nepal sound similar or are the same. Whatever, if you are familiar with indian music, you know that the sarangi is a typical instrument for performing ragas, as a solo instrument or together with tablas and other oriental music instruments.
For those of you who like to listen to more eastern music here is a page with videos of indian music with sarangi and other traditional instruments.

Carlos Santana – ‘Oye como va’

The mexican-american guitar player Carlos Santana has been around for quiet some time now and has had a number of hits in the charts. We like the ‘Oye como va’ song from Abraxas, one of his first albums. In this video you can see Carlos Santan performing the song live on stage. Check the beginning guitar phrases, much more rhythmic than what is recorded on the original record. Carlos Santana is one of the most important characters when it comes to Latin Rock. He sure was among the first people who exlored the combination of rock music and electric guitar together with latin rhythyms. It should be said that the song ‘Oye como va’ is not an original Carlos Santana composition, he made the arrangement but the song was originally composed by the great timbale player Tito Puente. However, Santana made it world famous.

Paul Hindemith – Solo Piano Music

In this video we offer you the fugue of the sonata 3 for the piano composed by Paul Hindemith and played by Glenn Gould who is world famous for his classical Johan Sebastian Bach interpretations. Hindemith did not only compose for solo instruments but also for chamber orchestras and symphony orchestras.