Albert King – Born under a bad sign – Blues with much soul

Watch this video with black blues guitar player Albert King performing his song Born Under a Bad Sign. The arrangement includes a brass section wiith trumpets, trombones and saxophones. The clip has fair audio quality and presents one of the most important blues players with his band live on stage.
Albert King plays with a personal way of putting the strings of the guitar: he’s got the high e-string on the top (upside down) so he can play very cool bends. Listen to the blues guitar solos of Albert King whenever you can, he plays the traditional blues with a lot of soul, getting funky …
Blues musicians dont compare each other, they play the blues because they love it and they have something to say. They don’t want to be better than the other ones! Actually, this applies to almost all musicians. However, there are a few out there who pretend to be better than the rest, well being better than the rest of the guitar players for example still is a personal and therefor subjective point of view. Instead, musicians know that if they have something to say, they will be heard by their fellow musicians.

Lyrics of ‘World on a String’

The song ‘World on a String’ was written by Harold Arlen / T. Koehler and performed by Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald with Joe Pass as well as by many other famous jazz singers. See the lyrics here. Soon we will publish one of the versions of this song in a video clip for our audience to enjoy the words in melodies.

Ive got the world on a string
Im sitting on a rainbow
Got the string around my finger
What a world, what a life – Im in love

Ive got a song that I sing
I can make the rain go
Any time I move my finger
Lucky me, cant you see – Im in love

Lifes a wonderful thing
As long as I hold the string
Id be a silly so-and-so
If I should ever let her go

Manuel de Falla – ‘El fuego fatuo’ flamenco dance video

This is music from Spain composed by Manuel de Falla and called the song of the wildfire or ‘Canción del Fuego Fatuo’. Watch the video with the flamenco dancers performing the choreography for the movie ‘El amor brujo’, directed by Carlos Saura.