Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Concert for Flute Harp and Orchestra

This video clip shows Katrina Szederkenyi on the harp and Desislava Dobreva on flute performing the first movement of the Concert for Flute, Harp and Orchestra. In this version, the orchestra is subsituted with a piano, which is a frequent way of reducing costs and still be able to perform a musical piece that involves a symphony orchestra. The composition is registered under the number 299 in the Köchel-Register and is the only composition of Mozart that includes a harp which was still being developed at the time.
The austrian composer was requested to compose this concert by the Duke of Guines who ocasionaly played the flute while his daughter played the harp, receiving composition lessons from Mozart.
Since then this piece has become very popular and is frquently played in the original form as well as with small orchestras or piano and serves to expose the capacity of harp players, despite the fact that there are no rich glissandi in the piece which are one of the characteristics of modern harp compositions.
During the performance, the harp and the flute play as a duo in some parts while most of the time they or the harp alone play together with the orchestra, or with the piano in this case. When playing duo, the harp and the flute perform a counterpoint which is a classical element of composition. In this first movement, both themes are presented by the piano and lateron developed by the harp and the flute.
Enjoy this beautifull piece and listen to more music by Mozart, one of the most prolific composers of the classical period. There are some more videos of music by Mozart on fiesta-musical.com, including a version of the Turkish March on alto saxophone.